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Native Dutch voice over talent Christa de Ridder

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Christina DeRidder - aka Christa de Ridder

Christina is a professional full-time native female Dutch voice talent. Christina started doing voiceovers in 2002, when she was asked to lend her voice to a Navman GPS-system. Her career as a voice over talent has soared ever since.

Chris is in high demand for audiobooks, IVR, commercials, e-learning and much more. Her voice ranges from fun, flirty and playfull, to authoritative.  
A few of the best known names she worked for are:

  • Van Dale - Childrens audiobook
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Microsoft Office
  • IKEA
  • Herz
  • Expedia

Christina is more and more asked for tv-commercials in Dutch, or English with European accent.

Here some end products from Chris: 



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