Dutch voices by DoDutch Productions




Dutch male voice talent Hans van den Nieuwendijk
Dutch Demo Hans
English Demo Hans

Dutch female voice talent Christa de Ridder

Dutch Demo Chris
English Demo Chris


DoDutch Productions has two leading native Dutch voice talents, working in the U.S.A. One male voice Hans and one female voice Christina lend their voices to many projects since 2001. Both work as voice talents on a full-time base. Although the bulk of their voice over work is in Dutch, their work as European accented English Voice over talents, other than British, is growing fast. Read more >>>



DoDutch also provide translation from English into Dutch. We have provided translation services since 2002 and have many returning customers. We are for example one of the contracted translators for iTunes and Paypal, among many others. Hans and Christa also work as interpreters. Our translation services are in high demand. Read more >>>

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